Why study in Ukraine is the perfect choice in Europe?

 Meeting and Economic Affairs, which is the place where they meet the education match it with the highest international standards with real opportunities for training during the study Aftlab medicine, for example, allowing them to attend hospital Ukrainian of the second school year, providing the doctor graduated a large number of process years before the end of the study fall today Ukraine within the ten first countries in terms of the number of foreign students who are currently studying in Ukrainian universities, totaling about 45 000 students from around the world which constitutes a significant proportion of the global market for educational services size In return, these students have an educational high level of offers from prestigious universities exceeds building them percent versus the year prices are Alorkhadd European

Prestigious universities registered with UNESCO

All universities we have chosen your government and registered with UNESCO as accredited universities worldwide

Educational services which we are proud submitting

Ran provide Ukraine company to study in Ukraine under the contract which links it with the Ministry of Higher Education Ukrainian bouquet of educational and advisory and legal services to the student before, during and after the completion of university studies in Ukraine

Referrals extract tuition and shipped to your home address

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Explain the required certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Guidance on the procedures for obtaining a student visa

Visa supportive extracted and sent to the Ukrainian Embassy

Extracting speech student private reception with the arrival in the Ukrainian airports

Ensuring access to a place

The completion of all administrative functions of the recording in Ukrainian universities

Performing procedures extract the residence of the student of the Immigration and Passport Department

About the establishment of student

No need to go the immigration office

Dear Student Services exempt from the orientation of the Department of Immigration, Passports and sufficient to come to our office and the university

Sealing Albrpesca

Albrpesca seal is proof of residential address a key condition in residence procedures

Extraction of medical insurance

Of the requirements for obtaining a residence extract annual medical insurance, and this is one of the services provided by us during the stay proceedings

Ratifications Services

Progress of our offices as well as the ratification of certificates and diplomas and letters of Ukrainian embassies and ministries without any trouble on the student and without the need for travel services

Legal protection and follow-up by law firm contracting with us

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The provision of university places in barracks

I can book a place for you prior to housing of the University that you have chosen or in student housing business before you arrive

You can book a shared room or a separate room

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