Why study in Ukraineis the best option in Europe?

Ukraine – the best place to become an experienced engineer or doctor, or an expert in sociology and economic affairs, and it is the place where you will receive an education that matches its level with the highest international standards with real opportunities for training during the study. Medical students, for example, are allowed to join Ukrainian hospitals from the second school year This provides the graduate doctor with a large number of practical years before finishing school. Today, Ukraine is among the top ten countries in terms of the number of foreign students who are currently studying in Ukrainian universities and their number is about 45 thousand students from different parts of the country. A world which constitutes an important percentage of the global market for educational services. On the other hand, these students enjoy a high level of education provided by ancient universities that exceed 100 years of age in exchange for the lowest prices in Europe.

Old universities registered with UNESCO

All the universities that we have chosen for you are governmental and registered by UNESCO as internationally accredited universities

Our educational services that we are proud to provide

Ran Ukraine provides under a contract that connects it with the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education a package of educational, consulting and legal services for the student before, during and after the completion of university study in Ukraine

Obtaining academic invitations and shipping them to your home address

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An explanation of the required documentation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Student guidance for obtaining a visa

Obtaining the required visa to be issued to the Ukrainian embassy

Obtaining the reception letter for the arrival of the student at the Ukrainian airports

Guarantee of obtaining a study seat

Completion of all administrative tasks for registration in Ukrainian universities

Our team performs all administrative procedures through the admission committee, ensuring that the student gets his academic seat and completing all administrative papers during the student’s study period

Taking residence extraction procedures for the student from the Immigration and Passports Department

Information on student residence

No need to go to the Immigration and Passports Department

Our services relieve you, dear student, of going to the Immigration and Passports Department, and only attend our office and the university

Place a proof of residence address

The “Barbiesca” stamp is the proof of residence address and is a prerequisite for residency procedures

Medical insurance extraction

One of the conditions for obtaining residency is to obtain annual medical insurance, and this is among the services provided by us during the residency procedures

Certification services

Our offices also provide certification services for diplomas, diplomas and letters from Ukrainian embassies and ministries without any trouble on the student and without the need to travel

Legal protection and follow-up by a law firm contracting with us

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Providing places in university dormitories

We can make a reservation for you in the housing of the university of your choice or in the student residence for students before your arrival

You can book a common room or a separate room

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