Dear students coming to Ukraine, you are welcome
Starting from the year 2018, the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education issued an amendment to the academic program that allowed the reception of new students twice during the year, and preparatory year students can register throughout the year

Submission period

Preparatory YearThe second registration periodThe first registration period
Throughout the yearRegistration is from January 1 to March 1Registration is from September 1 to November 1
There is no deadlineThe application deadline is February 15The deadline for submitting applications is 15 October

Preparatory Year : It is a preparatory program to strengthen students in the language, whether English or Ukrainian, in addition to scientific materials related to their future specialization

Our institution is currently issuing academic invitations for the academic season 2020/2021 , Study invitations It is an official letter of invitation issued by the university and the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education to prove that the student has obtained approval to study in Ukraine and allows him to obtain a visa.The study invitation carries the applicant's main details such as the full name, passport number, nationality, name of the university and the course to be studied

Students wishing to study for the academic year 2020/2021 can send their documents to us now, and we will issue their invitations and ship them via DHL (shipping is free) once the study invitation fees are paid

The basic steps for studying in Ukraine

The official partnership that brings together the RAN Corporation of Ukraine with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Higher Education allows facilitating the registration process in all Ukrainian universities in cooperation with the Ukrainian State Center for International Education. The following are the basic steps for the registration process

The registration, visa and receipt process takes a period of time: 30 days.

Registration steps to study in Ukraine for the 2020/2021 academic season

  1. The study invitation

    You must submit good quality copies of the following documents to the work team in order to obtain the study invitation
    A passport copy valid for at least one and a half years
    - A copy of the secondary school certificate showing the academic transcript
    Fill out the application form

  2. Visa (visa) type D.

    After you receive the original invitation letter via express mail, you must go to the nearest embassy of the State of Ukraine in your region and submit the invitation with the following documents to obtain a long-term visa of the type D
    The original invitation letter
    Original passport (valid for at least one year)
    - High school diploma (for first-level students in the Bachelor)
    Bachelor's degree and marks (for master's level students)
    Master's degrees and transcripts (for PhD students)
    -birth certificate 
    A medical certificate indicating the absence of AIDS 
    A medical certificate stating physical safety 
    A letter of sponsorship from the parent / person who will bear the student’s expenses during the stay / study in Ukraine. 
    (Not a requirement for all nationalities)
    Bank account statement
    -10 passport size photos
    Admission procedures, visa and arrival to Ukraine

  3. Arrival in Ukraine

    Immediately upon receiving the visa, you must contact the work team to coordinate the arrival process and make sure that you come to everyone
    Your complete documents in which you submitted the visa application
    Full tuition fee
    Personal expenses of about $ 300 to be an expense for you during your first period

Important points

  • If you arrive after October, make sure that you wear winter clothes and warm shoes, as temperatures are low
  • Make sure you bring all your private documents that you submitted to the Ukrainian embassy in your hand luggage, because they will ask you upon arrival at the border guard point at the airport, and pay attention to your documents and personal items during the trip and at the airport
  • The work team must be notified of at least 4 working days before arrival to prepare the letter of permission to enter Ukrainian territory, or the border guards will detain you and return you to your country

Do not hesitate to contact us for any details before the registration process begins or during any other stage, the work team will be happy to guide you