Study in Ukraine | Transfer students

All Ukrainian universities accept transferring foreign students from other foreign universities. There is a specific procedure for “equalization” carried out by the Ministry for students wishing to complete their studies in Ukraine. All Ukrainian universities have two semesters per year. Acceptance of the transferred student depends on the general academic record and accreditation hours for the subjects previously studied. Transfer students must present the following original documents upon arrival:

  1. Official academic transcript Of the universities in which the student has previously studied - certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that issued the certificate / transcript and the Embassy of Ukraine in the country or sealed with an Apostille seal.
  2. School certificates Clarifies subjects and grades / marks
  3. Permissible Travel International (Travel document)

Once the student meets the conditions, he will receive an equivalent certificate

  • The equivalency certificate allows the student to complete his studies based on the level that he obtains in the equation
Moving to Ukraine

After providing us with the required documents

Office offers "Ran Ukraine"  The above documents to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the equivalence. Once the qualification is approved by the Ministry of Education, the student becomes eligible to join the required academic year. In case the documents are rejected, the candidate must follow the instructions laid down by the Ministry of Education and adhere to the recommended level of studies.

** Additional fees apply for equivalency and certification **