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All you need to know about the preparatory year course in Ukraine

Preparatory course andStudy in Ukraine  في أوكرانيا للطلاب الدوليين ، والتي يشار إليها أحيانًا باسم Language year , Is an academic period prior to enrollment in the university's main program.

During the preparatory program, the international student undergoes an intensive learning process geared primarily towards mastering the local language as well as core subjects related to a future enrollment course.

In all universities in Ukraine, the preparatory program is usually managed by a dedicated faculty, a preparatory body. They have trained a staff fully dedicated to the success of the Preparatory Program.

Upon completion of the program, students undergo an assessment examination.

Successful students are awarded a Certificate of Completion with grades, which enables the student to enroll and study later in any university in Ukraine.

Differences of preparatory courses

There are two basic types of preparatory courses for international students in Ukraine:

1: University Preparatory Program.

It is a preparatory course program that aims primarily to prepare the international student for entry into a major specialization at a university.

It is a comprehensive curriculum that integrates language preparation as well as preparation for other subjects required for entry into the required major at any university.

2: Preparatory program for specific purposes

This type of preparatory program is usually an intensive program that focuses primarily on the linguistic aspect, or any other specific purpose that a candidate needs.

The candidates are usually international professionals, business investors, or postgraduate candidates who are mostly interested in the linguistic aspect of the preparatory program for a specific purpose or purpose, such as strengthening the Ukrainian, Russian or English language.

Duration of the preparatory program:

Usually, the preparatory course in Ukraine for international students lasts for a period not exceeding ten (10) months, which is a full academic year.

However, it is sometimes squeezed into fewer months for intensive programs, when students arrive late. Usually, it is at least five (5) months old.

For candidates, such as investors, tourists and entrepreneurs, who are only interested in the linguistic aspect of the preparatory program, the duration is usually no more than six (6) months, and it can be compressed further into four (4) or three (3) months of an intensive program.

For this category of candidates, this period is sufficient to learn the essentials required for their specific purpose.

It is evident that with a full semester the student is in a better position to learn at a comfortable rate and is also likely to cover all aspects of the curriculum. This is especially important for international students who plan to enroll and study further.

However, there are systems in place for the accelerated learning process, when this becomes inevitable, as long as the student has the desire to learn.

Admission / registration period for the preparatory course in Ukraine.

Until 2015, the admission period for the Preparatory Program was the same as the period of general university admission and the registration calendar for international students. By this calendar, admissions usually start in March / April and end around November. Arrival and registration for international students starts from August through November, and sometimes runs through December.

Starting in 2016, new regulations allow the university to be admitted to the preparatory program “all year round”. In practice, enrollment after March leaves a very small window for academic programs, and most universities will not accept new registrations after March.

Available languages for the preparatory year program

  • English language
    Ukrainian language
  • the Russian language

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary goals of the Preparatory Program is language training for later entrance to university or other specific purposes. Russian was the main language of learning, and therefore it was taught widely in most of the preparatory faculties. However, there is a continuous shift, as more and more courses are taught in the Ukrainian language.

In the western part of Ukraine, where the Ukrainian language is mostly spoken, the preparatory course for teaching language and language of learning is Ukrainian language. In the eastern part where the Russian language is widely spoken, the preparatory program is usually in the Russian language and sometimes it is combined with the Ukrainian language.

With the current transformations taking place in Ukraine, it is only a matter of time, so that the preparatory courses are only in Ukrainian and English at the state level.

Who is the preparatory course?


Is the preparation course right for you?

The preparatory course for foreign citizens who may be potential university candidates, businessmen, and professionals of some kind intending to either study or engage in any other professional activity in Ukraine and require knowledge of the local Ukrainian or Russian language to enable them to achieve their specific goal.

To that end, here is the group of candidates that will most likely require the preparatory course.

  • International students whose course of interest is available to study only in Ukrainian or Russian language, but who lack the required knowledge of the language of instruction.
  • Entrepreneurs, international journalists, project managers and other professionals who need knowledge of the local Ukrainian or Russian language to achieve their goal in Ukraine.
  • Academic researchers, trainees, and graduate students who also need to become familiar with key terms in the local language to enable them to successfully carry out their project (s) work.
  • Medical students who may end up studying in the English language, but would benefit from a good knowledge of the local Ukrainian or Russian language to enable them to better communicate with patients during the practical clinical classes.

Is it necessary to take the preparatory course in Ukraine as an international student?

There is no single answer to that. In certain circumstances, it is necessary to take the preparatory course for international students in Ukraine, while in general it is only an elective course.

When an international student registers for a course that is taught only in the Ukrainian language or the local Russian language, it becomes necessary first to undergo the language preparatory course in order to obtain the language proficiency required for enrollment in the program. The same applies to postgraduate candidates as well as individuals whose knowledge of the local language is required to function properly in Ukraine.

On the other hand, candidates who are planning to study in a course taught in a familiar or indigenous language will not need the candidate to undergo the preparatory course. For such candidates, taking the preparatory course is not mandatory. An example of this is candidates from English speaking countries who intend to enroll in a course in Ukraine that is taught in English.

Therefore, in essence, it can be mandatory or not, depending on the circumstances.

Benefits of a preparatory course in Ukraine for international students.

As much as this has not been discussed much, the truth is that undergoing the preparatory course offers a lot of benefits, for any international student planning to study in Ukraine, or anywhere else where the native language of the candidate is not spoken. Here are just some of them.

  • University admission flexibility Taking the preparatory course enables the international student to have flexibility in choice. Such a student is in a position to choose from a set of courses available only in the local language, in addition to choosing to enroll later in any university in Ukraine where the chosen course is taught.
  • Better social integration and adjustment Knowledge of the local language enables the student to integrate and adapt better in society due to the ability to communicate better with the local population. Also, during the preparatory course period, the academic load is much less than in a regular university program, which allows students more free time to explore their surroundings and adapt better in society.
  • More economical : Courses taught in the Ukrainian language or the local Russian language usually cost less than the same course taught in English. Thus, undergoing the introductory course gives the student the flexibility to benefit from and enroll in these courses, and to save a large amount of money during the entire study period.
  • Additional certificate upon graduation : International students who have successfully passed the preparatory course, and completed their university education in Ukraine in the local language also receive an additional certificate in mastery of the language of study.
  • Seasoned lecturers : Believe it or not, most of the seasoned lecturers, professors, and academic researchers who have many years of experience under their control are only able to teach in the local language. Do not forget that the primary purpose of universities is to educate their citizens with international students who make up a small part of the total student population. When studying in the local language, international students are exposed to a wider learning opportunity than some veteran lecturers who can only teach in the local language.

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