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Location - the city of Lvov

Lvov National Medical University was established on November 16, 1784

Today's university is considered one of the oldest and largest medical universities in Ukraine

The university includes 7 colleges of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and postgraduate studies, in addition to a preparatory college for foreign students

 The university faculty consists of 1200 professors, of whom 544 holders of doctoral degrees, 108 holders of professorship degrees, 370 assistant professors, and 60 first teachers

The university began teaching foreign students since 1961, and in 1997 it approved the English language education program for those who wanted to study in it. The number of university students is about 4,870 students.

Teaching languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian

Preparatory College - Russian Language


University colleges


General Medicine

Graduate Studies


Preparatory College

the pharmacy

Ukraine is a country of opportunity and choice

If you - or perhaps one of your relatives - are looking for the possibility of studying abroad, then we advise you to pay more attention to Ukraine.

Please see the article on the most prominent advantages of studying in Ukraine, to discover more and more advantages that will make you happy with your choice

Advantages of studying in Ukraine
Lvov National Medical University

Stunning nature

The charming nature of the country helps the student to have a wonderful atmosphere to do more

charming nature

Ukraine is the largest European country and is a global tourist destination that ranks 3rd in the world with its wonderful charm and beautiful beauty
Lvov National Medical University

multiple options

The European educational system adopted in Ukraine provides you with countless study options and programs

European educational system

Ukrainian universities and the Ministry of Higher Education are organized and conform to European standards and have the highest accreditation within the European Union Council

Lvov National Medical University

Modern curricula

Ukraine is updating its educational curricula periodically to match the highest standards and providing everything new and useful to its students

Originality and contemporary

The Ukrainian curriculum is famous in Europe for its nobility, research and scholars, who gave a lot to the Soviet Union and European countries and left high-level curricula.

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Lvov National Medical University

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