Lvov National Medical University

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Location - Lvov city

Lvov National Medical University was established on November 16, 1784

تعتبر الجامعة اليوم إحدى أقدم و أكبر الجامعات الطبية في أوكرانيا

The university includes 7 faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and postgraduate studies, in addition to a preparatory faculty for foreign students

The university’s teaching staff consists of 1200 professors, including 544 PhD holders, 108 professor’s holders, 370 assistant professors, and 60 senior teachers.

The university began teaching foreign students since 1961, and in 1997 adopted the English-language education program for those who wanted to study in it, and the number of university students is about 4870 students

Teaching languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian

Preparatory College - Ukrainian Language

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University Colleges

  • General Medicine
  • dentist
  • the pharmacy
  • Graduate Studies
  • Preparatory College
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