Reception at the airport after arrival

You can choose from many international airlines that make daily flights to reach Ukraine and its international airports, you can choose between Ukrainian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, French Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Emirates Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Rain Air, Portuguese Airlines and many international airlines

You can direct your trip to the nearest airport from your university, or choose one of the airports of the Ukrainian capital, whether the largest international airport in the country, Barispol airport or Giuliani airport which is located in the city of Kiev, the reception process will be easy at any time or hour due to the advanced transport network that is available to Ukraine

Airport Pickup
Ukraine International Airports

You can choose any of the international airports suitable for you and you will find our receptionist waiting for you. Most of our arrival operations are in Kiev International Airport in Boryspil as the first airport in Ukraine and the reception process takes place in the terminal d. In the arrival hall

Airport Pickup
The reception point is in Kiev Borispol International Airport

Once you receive, a representative of Run Ukraine will provide you with a phone and internet chip to be in touch and inform your family and friends about your arrival. The delegate can also provide a meal that suits your requests and will then transfer you to the city where your university is located to start the registration process

View from Kiev International Airport

The official website of the airport

Before leaving

  • Make sure that you carry your tuition fees and personal documents with you during the flight and do not place them with the checked baggage that is sent inside the plane, be on the alert throughout the trip and periodically review your luggage, personal belongings and your passport
  • Make sure to bring all the documents you submitted during the visa process
  • Make sure you bring in an additional amount of money so that you can spend on your personal belongings and meals during the first period while you are in the country

very important

Be sure to notify the staff of your arrival date in advance of at least 4 working days
Until a letter of arrival from the university is sent to the border guards and you are allowed to enter the country
Otherwise, immigration laws are strict in Ukraine, and those without a reception letter will be returned to his country