Information Security Specialization

Information security is one of the most vital fields in the information technology sector. Information security can be defined as the science that examines theories and strategies for providing information protection from all that threatens it. From a technical point of view, it is the means, tools and procedures that are required to be provided to ensure the protection of information from internal and external threats.

    From a legal point of view, information security is the subject of studies and measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information and combat the activities of attacking it or exploiting its systems in committing crime, which is the goal of legislation to protect information from illegal and illegal activities targeting information and its systems such as Internet crimes.

The Information Security specialization is considered a dynamic and renewed discipline, vital to its association with more than one discipline in an effective and effective way, and renewed to update its information at rapid intervals that need to be followed up and followed up on other related disciplines on an ongoing basis. In addition, the close link between security in general and the rest of life and its scientific specializations and the technical aspects that follow, and this allowed the one who wants to specialize in information security to have the exclusivity of this specialization in depth or to include it in the knowledge and skill he mastered by adding an electronic security dimension to it. There are two important aspects to focus on:

The first is that the specialization is a science in itself with its various branches that are also sciences in itself, including network security, secure programming, control powers, ethical penetration, database security, operating system security, website security, etc.
Second - that the specialization engages with several diverse disciplines through other sciences that integrate them, including health information security, physical security, electronic biometric, financial transactions security, electronic financial fraud, digital forensic evidence, etc.

Information Security Specialization

Information Security Specialization

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Fields of work in Ukraine

XNUMX- The traditional specialized track: It is a specialization in computer science, information systems, computer engineering or information technology, with a bachelor’s degree, and then a master’s degree in information security.
XNUMX- Partial Specialized Track: This is the specialization in the general disciplines mentioned in the first traditional track, but the subspecialization is delved into information security, followed by either a deepening in information security itself as a master’s degree or in one of its various branches and sciences.

XNUMX- Early Specialized Track: It is a specialization in information security as a bachelor’s degree from the beginning of the university stage, and then a specialization in one of the information security branches as a master’s degree or self-development in it through specialized professional certificates such as CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional or C|EH Certified Ethical Hacker.
XNUMX- The complementary specialist track: It is specializing in any of the different sciences as a bachelor’s degree, and then the electronic security dimension is added to it by specializing in one of the areas of information security related to it as a master’s degree, such as specializing in law as a bachelor’s and then specializing in anti-cybercrime laws as a master’s degree or being completed Specialization in Management Information Systems as a Bachelor's degree, followed by a specialization in Information Security Management as a Master's.

And the use of the term Information Security, even if it was an old one, but it began to become common in the scope of the activities of processing and transmitting data by means of computing and communication, as with the spread of technical means for processing, storing, circulating and interacting with data via the Internet and information networks, information security studies occupied a large area of ​​attention.

The field of information security is not limited to network protection only, but there are other areas of protection such as:

  • security programming
  • vulnerabilities discovered
  • Information security management
  • Systems protection

The specialization in information security depends on Specialties Others such as networks and programming, and it is best for the student interested in studying information security to know the basics of networks and systems management.

As for job titles for information security professionals?

Security specialist
Security consultant
Security administrator
Security analyst / engineer
Web security manager
Director/Manager of security
Chief privacy officer
Chief risk officer
Chief Security Officer
(CSO) / Chief Information
Security Officer (CISO)

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Top 10 universities to teach information security

Kharkiv National Radio Electronic University

The series “Know your specialty” 6 videos about the “Network Engineering and Information Security” specialization, starting with:

Information Security Certification Guide

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