biology :

It is the science of studying living organisms in terms of their structure, nutrition, reproduction, nature, characteristics, types, and the laws that govern their ways of life, development and interaction with their natural environment.

Biology is very broad and is divided into several branches, the most important of which are microbiology, zoology, botany, as well as physiology, biochemistry and ecology.

General branches of biology:

• Astrobiology
• Biochemistry
• Bioinformatics (traced to computer science)
• Biostatistics
• Botany
• Ecology
• Genetics
• genetics
• marine biology
• Molecular Biology
• Pathology
• Zoology

What can I do with a degree in biology?

Future career for biology major:

Jobs vary according to specialty and subspecialty. In general, employment is in hospital laboratories, academic and educational institutions laboratories, in schools as teachers of the subject, and government agencies that have a relationship with diseases, laboratories and laboratories. It is advised not to be satisfied with the bachelor’s degree because it is limited in direction. Whoever desires this specialization must complete higher degrees such as masters and doctorates. It is desirable that those who enter this discipline know that biology is an endless science because every day we witness a new discovery and a modern science.

Qualifications for entering the biology specialty:

Most American universities require a high school graduation certificate with a rate from very good to higher, and a certificate proving ability in the English language, either the TOEFL or IELTS.

Best university to study biology in Ukraine

VNKarazin Kharkiv National Medical University 

Where will a biology student work in the Arab countries?

Either teaching biology subjects in public education, working in universities as teaching assistants - researchers - academic technicians - working in the Ministry of Agriculture - Livestock - National Authority for Wildlife Protection - Working in Laboratories of the Ministry of Health - Municipalities - Water and Sanitation - Meteorology and Environmental Protection Authority - Authority Specifications, standards and other fields.
(Source Taif University)

What is the message of the general biology specialization?

Familiarizing students with the different living organisms and their environments in which they exist and their relationships with each other to make the most of the activity of these organisms and know their harmful effect on the environment in an attempt to reduce their harms and also study the different relationships between these organisms and identify what they contain of genes and materials of importance in biological resistance to limit the use of Chemical pesticides adversely affecting human health. The department is also concerned with the scientific progression in information from the general to the most special so that the graduate is in line with the needs of the labor market.


An introduction to biology that explains the types and origins of this type of science and its development over time.

Safety and prevention measures in laboratories that study biology and its branches