Is Business Communication suitable for me?

If you are attracted to the ways individuals and groups communicate with each other within the systems, companies and educational institutions, if you want to uniquely communicate an idea or point of view to one of them in an innovative and effective way, if you want to know more about how administrative communications are managed within companies and be proficient Dealing with advertising campaigns and you can find solutions to any crisis in public relations ... this is the right specialty for you

Eight minutes short-circuit communication skills for you from a leader called Dr. Steve Kerr, former chief of administration at General Electric

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Elements of the administrative communication process:

In order for the administrative communication process to take place, several basic elements are required, and they are:

 Sender [sender]

Or the source, which is the person who has the desire to share his information or ideas with others. Studies have shown that reliable sources of communication have a greater ability to influence than other sources, and that the contents of a message are often interpreted based on who is sending it.


It means the idea or information from the sender to those with whom he wants to share his thoughts or information.

Communication channel [channel]

It is the means by which the message travels between the sender and the receiver. The message cannot be conveyed by means of a vacuum, but rather there must be a means to convey this message. Therefore, we see that an effective method is useful in achieving effective communication if every method is used in its rightful place, and the means vary between written, oral, technical or electronic.

Receiver [receiver]

It is that person who will receive the message and it may be an individual or a small group or a large audience in the organization. There is no doubt that the process of receiving and interpreting the message is subject to the receiver's personality, perception, and personality.


It is the reaction that occurs to the recipient as a result of the communication process, indicating whether you have achieved the required goal or not? It is the necessary complement to the communication process between the receiver and the transmitter.

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Many students confuse the
Business Communication major and Mass Communication major:

The Business Communication Major / Minor Promotes the practical use of communication skills in a wide variety of managerial tasks in both profit and non-profit organizations. Key skills taught here include facilitating teamwork, managing conflict, interviewing, writing professional business documents, building employee morale, and shaping a company image.

The Mass Communication Major / Minor Provides a broad-based liberal arts approach to better understanding and using radio, television, film, video, and print media. An emphasis is placed on giving students skills in writing and editing skills across the various media.

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