Computer Science

Since the beginning of the modern era, no invention has had as profound an impact as computers and computer-related technologies that advanced human civilization. The computer has evolved from being an easy-to-use device to being able to learn new things along with performing predictions, astrological calculations, data analysis and much more. It has effectively reached and affected almost every feature of our modern life. The study and exploration of computer technologies has seen a huge rise as everyone, from middle school students to advanced research experts, is expected to have some basic computer knowledge. The most common qualification in any computer science related qualification is undoubtedly the Bachelor of Computer Science which we will explore in detail throughout this article.

Bachelor of Computer Science in Ukraine

A bachelor's degree in computer science prepares the student for careers in various fields such as engineering, statistics, mathematics, finance, biology, economics, and others. It includes the tools and techniques used in these diverse fields, making the curriculum interdisciplinary. From writing coding for programs and designing algorithms to performing data modeling and advanced statistical modeling, everything is studied in great detail during the course of the program. A Computer Science graduate has a number of industries to discover upon graduation, you can also choose to pursue research after a Bachelor's in Computer Science.

Specialty name Bachelor of Computer Science
Duration 4 years
Admission requirements High school diploma
accepted test There is no exam during the admission process
language certificate The applicant does not require language certificates such as TOFEL
Careers IT Analyst, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Programmer, Junior Data Scientist

What will you study in Bachelor of Computer Science?

As an overview, a bachelor's degree in computer science begins with an introduction to the initial concepts of mathematics, science, statistics, computers, and programming. Furthermore, in the major, basic concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, computational logic, computational biology, neural networks, data mining, and computer graphics are introduced. A common course requirement is to learn a programming language and perform certain tasks through its implementation. Individual research projects extending in individual directions is also a necessary requirement.

Admission requirements for Bachelor of Computer Science in Ukraine

  1. The applicant must be at least 17 years old
  2. The applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  3. It is also possible to accept those who have a computer subject and have a non-scientific secondary certificate.

General Syllabus of Bachelor of Computer Science

In order to successfully complete the Bachelor of Computer Science program, students are required to study and understand basic computer-related concepts and you can also customize the course through a range of electives offered. There can be pre-determined paths such as artificial intelligence, programming, computer engineering, etc. that may be offered by the university that deals specifically in a particular field. Some of the main subjects of this major are given below:

foundations of mathematics

Mathematical concepts such as linear algebra, calculus (calculus), check techniques, and pure and abstract mathematics are an important prerequisite for understanding computer science. These concepts are fundamental to learning advanced computer skills.


The theories and concepts of probability and statistics form the basis for further analysis in computer science. Teachers encourage students to perfect their knowledge of possibilities as they focus on computer basics.

engineering basics

To a large extent, computer science is a sub-field of engineering. A concrete understanding of the basic concepts of engineering is essential to an understanding of computer science. These include mechanics, electricity, magnetism, etc.


Computer hardware and software use highly advanced algorithms. Algorithms are logic-based programs designed through logic and heuristics. Students during the Bachelor of Computer Science program try to learn and design efficient algorithms, techniques, etc.

computer graphics

Graphics are widely used in many mobile applications, PCs, and other devices. Students are taught to design and operate programs that use high-resolution graphics. Jobs in the film or gaming industry are the preferred choice for those interested in this field.

database management systems

Database management systems are increasingly used in governments, laboratories, hospitals, research organizations and many other fields. MS Access and Oracle are the two notable database management systems that you will learn during your Bachelor of Computer Science course.

Detailed syllabus of Bachelor of Computer Science in Ukraine

The table below is the main subjects and details of the semesters taught in the Bachelor of Computer Science syllabus:

Bachelor of Computer Science First Semester

Computer Science Basics Embedded Systems Basics
digital electronics C . programming
computer science applications Maths
English Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Computer Science Second Semester

Basic programming concepts advanced math
Fundamentals of open source software computer networks

Bachelor of Computer Science 3rd semester

Introduction to data structures Operating Systems Basics
Object-oriented programming using C++ java programming

Bachelor of Computer Science Fourth Semester

System Programming: Fundamentals of Computer Networks Introduction to database management systems
computer graphics inspiration
Visual programming and visual basics RDBMS

Bachelor of Computer Science Fifth Semester

java programming advanced computer networks
software testing Operating systems

Bachelor of Computer Science Sixth Semester

system software C++
Visual Programming 2 programming lab

Notice: This is a general method. Subjects can vary from one university to another. 

The following subjects are also taught throughout the curriculum:

  • Introduction to the computer
  • Introduction to programming concepts
  • Introduction to Windows, its features, application
  • C++ Programming
  • computer organization principles
  • database management systems
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • PHP Basics
  • Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science
  • java programming
  • mission
  • matrices
  • Operating system on disk
  • Introduction to the number system and symbols
  • mining data بيانات
  • Software Engineering
  • computer networks
  • control sentences

The most prominent jobs for graduates majoring in computer science

  • programs developer
  • software engineer
  • Web Designer / Web Developer
  • Specializing in information technology
  • game designer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Graphic designer
  • programs developer
  • test engineer
  • Database designer
  • Project manager
  • Hardware Engineer
  • technical advisor

questions and answers

Is a Bachelor of Computer Science a good major?

For those interested in exploring the broad field of computer science and information technology, a Bachelor of Computer Science is definitely a good choice. This major covers a variety of subjects within the framework of computer science such as database management, coding, programming languages, information technology, statistics, networking, electronics, computers and software, among others.

Is there a mathematics subject in the Bachelor of Computer Science?

Yes, Mathematics is a compulsory subject under the BSc Computer Science syllabus and is covered from basic to advanced level for the duration of the degree.

How many subjects are there in a Bachelor of Computer Science?

The Bachelor of Computer Science curriculum is primarily offered as a 4-year program and includes a wide range of material spread across 8 semesters, ranging from foundation of computer science basics to programming concepts, data structures, system programming, software engineering, network security, etc.

What is the scope of work for Bachelor of Computer Science graduates?

Bachelor of Computer Science graduates can explore a huge number of career opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Some of the notable job profiles that you can explore after completing a Bachelor of Computer Science are Project Manager, Quality Assurance Specialist, Software Developer, Test Engineer, Software Engineer, IT Specialist, Game Designer, etc.

Due to the expansion of the information technology sector, there is an increasing demand for professionals who possess the required knowledge in the field of computer science. Deciding on your career can be very challenging as it is difficult to understand whether a particular major is right for you. If you are confused about choosing a specialty, let the experts in Ran Ukraine They help you make a decision that takes into account your strengths and interests.