Do you want to study in a Ukrainian university, but you do not know any of Ukraine’s internationally recognized universities? Do you want to get to know the most important universities to start your academic career? Are you seeking reliable information and detailed procedures? You can find all this between the lines of this article.

Globally recognized universities of Ukraine:

In Ukraine, we aim to provide the necessary support to all Arab students who want to obtain an accredited academic degree from any of the important Ukrainian universities, we always strive to answer all questions that may occur to your mind, and we also try hard to meet all requests by clarifying all the information related to the documents Requirements, conditions of residence, cost of living, etc., we want to carry all these burdens on you so that you can devote yourself to your studies without carrying them out, procedures that may be long and consume a lot of your time.

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قبل التحدث عن أهم ترتيب جامعات اوكرانيا عالميا يجب التوضيح أن مدة الدراسة في أغلب الجامعات الأوكرانية هي 4 سنوات متاحة بأربعة لغات مختلفة هي: ( الانجليزية، الفرنسية، الروسية، الأوكرانية) أما عن أبرز وأهم الجامعات فهي كما يلي:

1- هل جامعة خاركوف معترف بها

(VN Karazin Kharkiv):

  1. The university was established in 1804.
  2.  It is located in the city of Kharkov and is one of Ukraine's most internationally recognized universities.
  3.  The university ranks third in the EECA Index Ranking for International Students.
  4. The university witnesses a lot of international students every year as a result of its distinguished study programs.

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2- Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev

(Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv):

  1. It is called Kyiv National University.
  2. Founded on November 8, 1834, it is the second oldest Ukrainian university.
  3.  The university includes many institutes and colleges in various disciplines.
  4. It combines 14 faculties in literary and natural sciences, and 7 institutes in other scientific disciplines.
  5. The university does not aim for profit. Rather, everyone considers it a national center for science and culture.
  6. The university has more than 1,176 international students.
  7. The university produced many brilliant minds in various disciplines such as Mykola Esterlisky, Maxim Real, Mykola Lysenko.
  8. The university provides studies in Russian and also in English, but in specific disciplines.

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3- National Technical University in Kiev

(National Technical University of Ukraine (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute):

  1. The university is one of Ukraine's most internationally recognized universities and was founded on August 31, 1898.
  2. The university receives every year more than 1500 foreign students of various nationalities.
  3. The university provides the study of nearly 77 majors in 29 colleges and institutes.
  4. You can study Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees in Philosophy and PhD in Science.
  5. International students enroll in a preparatory year to study Russian and Ukrainian and to study the subjects qualifying for their majors that they will enroll in.

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4- Sumy State University

(Sumy State University):

  1. The university was established in 1948 
  2. The university is included in the Times Education ranking of the world's best universities.
  3. The university ranks fourth among Ukrainian universities.
  4. The university is ranked 671 in the university ranking made by Thomson Reuters, one of the most important informational and analytical companies in the world.
  5. The university includes many colleges in various disciplines such as the College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering Power Engineering, College of Engineering Materials Science, College of Chemical Technology, College of Applied Mathematics, College of Computer Science and many other colleges.

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5- Donetsk National Medical University:

  1. It is one of the most important and oldest internationally recognized universities in Ukraine, which was founded in 2005 1930.
  2. DNMU is one of the best universities to study medicine in the world and that Ukraine offers you an excellent opportunity to study at.
  3. You can study medicine and dentistry in English.
  4. The university has among its ranks about 15,000 students studying in 8 different faculties, of whom about 4,200 are international students.
  5. You can enroll in any other European university after studying one year at Donetsk National Medical University.
  6. The university enables its students to study the following specializations (medicine, paediatrics, dentistry, pharmacy, public health nursing, graduate studies, preparatory year)
  7. The university provides its students with accommodations and study in high-quality halls.

يمكننا في ران أوكرانيا توفير العديد من الخطوات والإجراءات المعقدة عليك من خلال التكفل بتيسير كافة الإجراءات اللازمة للالتحاق بأي من جامعات اوكرانيا المعترف بها عالميا.

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Best Ukrainian universities:

The most prominent characteristic of Ukraine is its richness in universities that provide good educational service at very reasonable prices. The Ukrainian universities also have the following:

1- Ivan Franco National Oil and Gas Technical University (IFNTUOG):

  1. The university was established in 1967.
  2. The university specializes in studying specialized training programs in the field of energy and oil.
  3. The university specializes in teaching energy and oil majors, due to its keenness to provide expertise to the most important economic market in Ukraine.
  4. The university receives nearly 4,000 students every year, of whom at least 400 are international students.
  5. The university provides training programs for nearly 50 departments, which are university departments.
  6. The university studies everything related to petroleum engineering, oil and gas production, pipeline construction, and other energy and gas majors.

2- Poltava University of Economics and Trade:

  1. The university specializes in teaching everything related to economics and commerce.
  2. The university offers distinguished programs for studying information technology, food technology, biotechnology, law and management science.
  3. The university provides its students with an opportunity to obtain tuition discounts every year.
  4. The university offers its study programs in many languages such as English, Ukrainian and Russian.

3- Concordia Ukrainian American University

(Ukrainian-American Concordia University - WIUU):

We cannot talk about Ukraine’s internationally recognized universities without talking about Concordia University, which is one of the best universities in Ukraine, which offers scholarships each year amounting to 28 thousand dollars.

  1. The university was founded in 1997 AD in the first joint educational edifice between America and Ukraine.
  2. It is the only Ukrainian university that offers study programs accredited by FIBAA.

You can choose from all the aforementioned universities, the university you want to study in. We in Ran Ukraine handle all application procedures and obtain official documents. We accompany you on that trip until you join the university you want.

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Ranking of Ukrainian universities:

 In order to be able to choose, this is a list of the ranking of Ukrainian universities in terms of preference and according to the international university ranking:

  1. Kiev Polytechnic Institute.
  2. Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko.
  3. Lvov National University named after Ivan Franco.
  4. Sumy State State University.
  5. Kyiv Greenwich University Yenko.
  6. Dragunov Pedagogical University.
  7. Vinnytsia National Technical University.
  8. National University of Life and Environmental Sciences.
  9. National University of Kyiv Academy.
  10. Kharkiv Krazen National University.

These are 10 of the best Ukrainian universities internationally recognized. We can help you to get acquainted with all the conditions related to studying in any of them and to nominate the most appropriate university for the major you want to study.

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In conclusion, we are pleased in Ran Ukraine to provide our services to you to know all the required documents and help you complete all procedures to avoid all the reasons for rejection that you may face when you are presented without previous experience, all you have to do is submit your application now to reserve your study seat at the university you want.