Project Description

Bukovinian State Medical University was founded in 1944. It is one of the biggest higher educational establishments in Ukraine, located in the city of Chernovtsy.

The University is registered by World Health Organization, Great Chartia of Universities, European Association of University which itself provide guarantee in training international

students with accordance to international requirements of high education.

Bukovinian State Medical University is a modern high educational establishment, actively cooperating with scientific centers and schools in Germany, Poland, USA, Greece, Great Britain, and France.

The University has won grant in a program of Training Against Medical Error in 2015. 10 Universities from different countries participated. Bukovinian State Medical University has become worldwide acknowledged medical university, which enables medical students to apply for getting license to practice and get benefit of various scholarships & education Loans. Bukovinian State Medical University is approved by the following Medical regulatory bodies:

    • Medical Council of India

    • World Health Organization

    • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA

    • Foundation For Advancement Of International Medical Education & Study. USA

    • Texas Medical Board , USA

    • Accreditation Council For Graduate Medical Education, USA

    • Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Study

    • American International Health Alliance

    • Pharmacology department worldwide

    • Education Ministry of Ukraine

    • Ukraine Medical Directory

    • Central and East European Study Database

The academic staff of the University is rather unique and full of professionals, with 82 Doctors of Science and 387 Candidates of Science. There are 47 departments and 3 main faculties at the University: Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. Since the foundation the University has graduated more than 26 000 medical students. Presently there 5500 students are studying at the University, including 1130 international students.

CourseEnglish mediumUkrainian mediumAccommodation
MBBS (MD, General Medicine)3500 USD3000 USD500-1000 USD
Dentistry2500 USD2000 USD500-1000 USD
Pharmacy2300 USD2000 USD500-1000 USD
Preparatory course1500 USD500-1000 USD

The University offers great variety of lecture halls, pharmacy-type laboratories, with modern equipment to provide comfortable academic conditions for studying and research. The University is fully covered with WiFi Internet for on-line lectures with the foreign teachers invited for visiting academic program.

There are 7 hostels at the University, where all the comfortable conditions are offered for international students. There is also a canteen, library and sports complex nearby the University hostel.

The academic year starts in September and lengths till June with summer and holidays between 2 semesters.

Admissions for international students are open from March till September. Applicants are welcome to send their documents by email.